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Magic: The Gathering

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What is Magic The Gathering?

Magic: the Gathering is a trading card game played between two(or more) players. The goal of each battle is to reduce your opponent's life total to zero. Planeswalkers, stop by The Heros Edge in McHenry Illinois and start your journey to greatness.

Magic The Gathering BATTLEBOND

MTG Events

We love hosting MTG events!! We have almost daily chances for you to play Magic The Gathering every week! Check out the events calendar for a list of casual tournaments and drafts, pro tour qualifiers, organized play and premier events!

Magic: the Gathering is one of our most popular games among our patrons. We are proud to tell you that we host regular tournaments, game nights, leagues, and many more.

MTG Singles and More

Need new Magic The Gathering cards to beef up your deck? Get your mitts on a booster box or booster pack of the latest MTG set. We’ve also got tons of singles available in standard and cases full of spicy rares, legendary, and Planeswalkers. Get playmats, card sleeves or deck box's to bring your flex to every game!

Complete your collection with the latest singles and foil singles available at The Heros Edge in McHenry Illinois.

Popular MTG Formats at The Heros Edge

Friday Night Magic(FNM)

Friday Night Magic, or FMN, is a weekly tournament hosted at The Hero's Edge in McHenry Illinois through Wizards of the Coast. If you think you can take on the best of the best, come over and test your skills.

FNM entry fee is $5 per player.

EDH(Elder Dragon Highlander) - Commander

Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), or Commander, is a MTG format that changes the way the game is played. EDH is a singleton format where you (and three or more other players) play with a 100 card deck that consists of one copy of each card, with the exception of basic lands, and one Commander/General. Along with the card limit, each player starting life total is 40(Normally 20 in other formats).

The rules stay the same except for when it comes to your commander. Your commander is kept in it's own area known as "The Command Zone". You can summon your commander by paying it's mana cost. Each time your commander is sent back to the command zone (From damage or exile) you must pay two colorless mana to the Commanders casting cost.

For the Parents: New To MTG? Heres the benefits..

Magic The Gathering requires strategic planning and problem solving, including predicting short and long term consequences.

MTG also develops skills in math, reading comprehension, as well as etiquette and sportsmanship.

Single players facing off is ideal for introverts who crave a little interaction, while team play is good for extroverts.

The game is ideal for before or after school hours activities to help direct energy in constructive ways.

Tournaments provide a way of learning fair competitive behavior.

Since the game has been around for 20 years, the community of players is a vast pool of potential volunteers to provide positive adult role models.

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