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Ultimate Masters

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Ultimate Masters just came out recently and everyone is in big hype to play and open this set. many people love the thrill of drafting and having such a powerful set as this one really makes for an enjoyable experience. The destructive power of Madness or the Graveyard loving Dredge, whatever you pick will be no in doubt be a nightmare for your opponents. With a new Masters set comes a lot of reprints to be tossed around and to me i think this will allow players an easier chance to build up new modern and legacy decks now that the pieces have become more available. Here lets go color by color and see what cards are worth looking at to add to your Modern, Legacy or EDH.

White brings some cool unique cards to the fold and some may say that it looks like Theros Limited with the Heroic mechanic but it brings along some very powerful spells. Daybreak Coronet has been one of the strongest Auras in magic for its cost and many players will be looking to pick up a few for Modern Bogles or their copy for Zur, The Enchanter Edh. Another sweet addition to Whites arsenal is Containment Priest. As a sideboard card against re-animator in Legacy and a potent threat in edh, Containment Priest brings some copies to the fold. Only found in the Commander 2014: Forged in Stone deck, UMA bring this Flash creature to the kitchen tables and tournaments alike. Next we have some fun EDH cards. With walls being a fun new deck because of Arcades, Wall of Reverence has been a mainstay for in that deck providing a great effect and a big butt. Another good pick up for Commander is Reveilark. This crafty elemental is known for doing some dirty combos with Karmic Guide. Any deck looking to reanimate some small creatures is always looking for a good Reveilark. A nice little enchantment that some control decks used to stop threats is back to protect you and that is Runed Halo. This card has been in and out of sideboards for awhile and this hard to find Shadowmoor Rare can finally be readily available again. Martyr of Sands is here at Common and will go right into some Pauper life gain and a good addition if you are looking to build Martyr Proc in Modern. With most of these staple pieces, one can hope what to do with most of the common and uncommons and these wonderful cards can make there way into Cubes across the board.

Blue has brought some powerful cards back into the fold and the biggest reprint is that of the Invitational card Snapcaster Mage. This creature is a mainstay in any form of magic. Modern, Legacy and EDH decks all look to put this mage to work. Snapcaster has always been a pricey card for players to casually pick up but now he will be available to get at a cheaper price. finishing up your control deck of Grixis deck can now come to fruition. One piece of Legacy tech that hasn’t been printed in 20 years is the Non-Basic hoser of Back to Basics. this enchantment is meant to punish greedy mana bases by not letting them un-tap. Some EDH decks will use this to keep there opponents off mana while they blister through spells and gain advantage. Some cheeky Edh cards to make its way into the rotation is that of Treasure Cruise and Dig Though Time. These once powerhouse draw spells that dominated Every format in now reduced to 1 copy in Vintage but thats not gonna stop people from getting great card selection in a big pod of Edh. The delve spells have always been great. Using your graveyard as a resource to make your spells cost cheaper is what many decks like Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder would use to the fullest. another great great we haven’t seen in a while in Temporal Manipulation. Taking extra turns in Magic has historically been an insanely powerful mechanic and many players will be looking to pick up a few of these. I know i will. Blue also comes with some other cantrips in Sleight of Hand and Think Twice for the Storm and Miracles decks, but the most unusual uncommon in the set would have to be the win condition of the Lab Man himself, Laboratory Maniac. Seeing him downshifted from rare was really surprising.

Black has brought us a wide range of powerful cards and the big daddy himself comes with Demonic Tutor. Tutor effects have always been strong and getting a reprint of the best one was quite a shock. With this set, Black was not short on awesome reprints. EDH players love there tutors but many people love there kill condition with Mikaeus, THe Unhallowed. This Zombie has frequently been a hard piece to come by but now casual players can look to adding this cleric to their Black EDH decks. The next bomb that everybody dreams about is Liliana of the Veil. this monster of a planeswalker has been terrorizing formats ever since her release in Innistrad. She is an auto include in the attrition based Jund decks, Abzan and some Grixis shells as well as 8 Rack. Now Black mages are known for bringing back the dead and UMA has no shortage of these spells starting off with the most mana efficient spell in Reanimate. For 1 Mana you can bring the biggest baddie from any graveyard back under your control at the cost of some life. Legacy Reanimator has been a big deck since the banning of Deathrite Shaman and will continue to put huge creatures onto the battlefield way before they should be there. Another cool enchantment that has shown a good placing in modern is Bitterblossom. losing life and getting fliers is usually not what a control deck wants to do but the later half helps out tremendously with Spellstutter Sprites as part out the Counter/creatures package of the Blue Black control deck.

Red is no different from its list of strong and powerful cards. The first card goes with a sequence of cards and is all a part of a cool deck in Modern. Through the Breach has been a mainstay in the Grishoalbrand style deck. Being able to put the giant Eldrazi Titan Emrakul, the Aeons Torn into play with haste can devastate any opponent. the same can be said with Goryo’s Vengeance, to put a Legendary from graveyard into play. The cool trick with the Titans is to make sure to respond to the trigger before they get shuffled back in. Some other key pieces in this deck is Desperate Ritual and Nourishing Shoal. Both tools for boosting out mana and providing yourself with ample amount of life to continue your combo. Now lets move away from giant 15 mana cost giants and lets look at a 1 mana devil that we haven’t seen in a long time and that is Vexing Devil. He has been in and out of Zoo decks and Burn decks alike. Either providing a high powered creature early or blasting your opponent for 4 is always a difficult choice to make. Some other tools with the Burn deck is Lava Spike and the Format all star in Young Pyromancer. Both pieces are sure to be scooped up for players to bring to tournaments.

Green has brought some Staples back to the front lines and no one is bigger then Tarmogoyf. Showing up in GBX decks combining with Thoughtsieze, Tarmogoyf has smashed his way through many a foe. Everyone’s love to hate mechanic with Dredge is back. Golgari Grave-Troll is back and dumping your deck into your library. You can also go the Lands route with Life from the Loam. This in Combination with Dark Depths and Thespian Stage can make for some very powerful creatures emerge from the ice. Everyone likes a good graveyard deck and the recent popularity of Vengevine will help people to tryout this cool unique deck. No green deck would be complete without the power of exalted and the mana acceleration of Noble Hierarch. She is an integral part to Infect and Bant Spirits and now she is once again on the market to be scooped up. Some other unique pieces that people look forward to is that of the infinite Devoted Druid and the destructive power of Woodfall Primus.

With the rest of the set looking fantastic, lets not forget about the Karn Father himself, Karn Liberated. Tron decks be joyous in the reprint of one of the strongest planeswakers out there. The Colorless Threats continue with the rest of the Eldrazi Titans with Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre and Kozilek, Butcher of Truth. mana players are ecstatic to see Engineered Explosive again as well as the mana produce artifact of Phyrexian Altar. No mana acceleration in complete without a big boost from Mana Vault. Last but not least we get to talk about lands and no cycle of lands has been more fun to play with than the Worldwake cycle of Manlands. If you like Swampwalk in EDH then Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. A more recent deck that has been fun to play is 8 Rector and a fun way to punch out mana is with Phyrexian Tower. This land hasn’t been seen in a while but it makes the deck run real smooth. The tribal powerhouse land is back again with Cavern of Souls. so Merfolk, Humans and Spirits will rejoice in this reprint. Everyone loves Sol Ring but having it on a land makes playing creatures and spells a few turns earlier has always been a key way to gain advantage in the early game.

With Ultimate Masters finally here, we can expect a good increase in the Modern, Legacy and EDH players to rejoice in having access to these powerful cards back in the rotation.

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