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Guilds of Ravnica Part 1

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With a new set comes a new limited environment. The five Guilds highlighted in this next set are The Selesnya Conclave(Green-White), The Boros Legion(Red-White), Dimir House(Blue-Black), The Golgari Swarm(Green-Black) and The Izzet League(Blue-Red). Each Guild has brought some new tricks as well as some old. With how Pre-release is going on this year, you are able to align yourself with one of your favorite guilds that exist on Ravnica. Now lets go over the guilds and check out some of the cards that will be coming out in Guilds of Ravnica and the decks that can use them.


First up on the docket is the Boros Legion. The Soldiers, Knights and Angels of the Legion like to come in numbers and love to strengthen the ranks of those under them with the mechanic Mentor. Whenever this creature attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on target attacking creature with lesser power. As the motto, the strong fight for the weak, is a perfect example as to how the Boros Legion grow with the tutelage of their “Mentors”. Some creatures that incorporate this new mechanic is the War Leader herself, Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice. For 2RW you get a 2/5 flying Angel with Mentor. When she attacks she has the option of buffing an additional creature. If it’s Red it gets +2/+0 and Trample and if it’s White is gets Vigilance allowing some creatures to play offence and defense. Tajic, Legion’s Edge, makes his return to the front lines Mentoring others to victory. he provides a unique ability to prevent non-combat damage to your creatures while he is present making him an integral part to any “weenie” type strategy. The Legion and a nice sweeper in the form of Deafening Clarion, a spell that can do 3 damage to each creature, give your creatures lifelink or both. the versatility of this spell works really well with the Boros as they Mentor their troops to put themselves quickly out of the 3 damage range. Other threats that They employ is a Justice strike, Dealing damage to a creature equal to its power. The last creature i want to highlight is one of my favorites for the Legion and that is the Legion Warboss. if you remember Goblin Rabblemaster from M15, this crafty army in a can will bring back memories. every combat he will bring in a token that will have to attack this combat but the Warboss has Mentor and make sure that these tokens become a force to reckon with.Many creatures in the Boros Legion come equipped with the Mentor mechanic and is a great way to insure your victory.


Next is the zany inventors of The Izzet League. These Blue Red Mages like to fall back on the strength of slinging spells at their oppoents. Run by the leader Niv Mizzit, Parun, a UUURRR uncounterable flying 5/5 Dragon that whenever you draw a card he pings any target for 1. there is also the sweet clause that when a Player plays an instant or Sorcery, you draw a card. the electricity that flows from this Dragon is astounding. The other big dog showing promise from this set is Ral, Izzet Viceroy. a 3UR 5 Loyalty Planeswalker that benefits off of Instants and Sorcery’s in the graveyard and in exile which works well with the Leagues Jump-Start mechanic. Jump Start allows you to play cards out out the graveyard by paying its cost and discarding a card. perfect for the spell slinging masters of the Izzet League. One of the nifty reprints for Izzet is a blast from the past with Wee Dragonauts, a flying 1/3 for 1UR that whenever you cast an instant or sorcery it gets +2/+0 til end of turn. The Best tool that comes from them is Ionize. and instant speed 1UB for a Counter Spell that deals 2 damage to the spells controller. Many Jumpstart spells will give you incremental value with Chemister’s Insight a instant speed 3U draw 2 cards, and Radical Idea 1U draw a card. Little things can make a big difference.


Now lets visit the Mysterious spies of House Dimir. Led by Lazav and implying the mechanic Surveil which allows you to look at the top card of your library, you may put that card into the graveyard. with the Dimir they benefit from cards filling their graveyard. Many creatures get stronger the more times that you Surveil. Dimir Spybug is a 1/1 flyer with Menace for UB that gets a +1/+1 counter every time you Surveil. Same goes with Thoughtbound Phantasm a U for a 2/2 Defender except when it has 3 or more counters, it may attack as though it didn’t have defender. The ability to set up their draws and pitch what they want to the graveyard is really powerful and the biggest guy to do so is Doom Whisperer. a Flying 6/6 Trampler for 3BB that you can pay 2 life to Surveil 2. Extremely potent at finding what you need at the cost of life which is what Black does best and to quote one of my favorite Magic cards,”Greatness at any Cost” A call back to a cool card Read the Bones, comes Notion Rain 1UB to Surveil 2, Draw 2, Lose 2 life. Card selection comes at a premium so you can’t be to picky. A card that i find very interesting is Disinformation Campaign a 1UB enchantment that when it enters, you draw a card and each opponent discards. when you Surveil, return it to your hand. a great way to control the flow of the game. Dream Eater is a great finisher in the House. A Flash Flying 4/3 when it enters, Surveil 4 and return a non-land permanent an opponent controls to their hand. With card selection comes removal and Dimir has some good ones at there disposal. Price of Fame and Deadly Visit are your go to choices to deal with problematic creatures.

Here is the first set of Guilds. Check out Part 2 of the Series here.

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