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Guilds of Ravnica Standard after Rotation

Guilds of Ravnica Standard after Rotation
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With rotation right around the corner, many powerful cards will be leaving the format and make way for some new cards to shine. Many people will be excited to see the likes of Fatal Push, The Scarab God, Torrential Gearhulk, Abrade and Energy to leave the format but with them gone, we can look forward to some older cards seeing the light of day. Cast Down has seen a little bit of play but now with the early interaction of Fatal Push leaving, Black Mages might look to this 2 mana kill spell as a replacement. Other options in the removal suite in the classic Murder. 1BB destroy target Creature.

Cast Down

Control looks to take a big hit with Torrential Gearhulk and The Scarab God. Many good finishers for the Control are rotating but this will bring forth some new light. Chromium, the Mutable, has been on the radar for many Esper finishers. A big 7/7 flash flying Dragon with evasion can close out games fast. Many white based control decks still have the back of Lyra to fall on. Some mid-range decks have looked at Aryel, Knight of Windgrace, for a decent body that makes tokens to help protect the player. Wrath spells have always been an important tool for control to mitigate the damge from creature based decks, but with Fumigate leaving, Cleansing Nova will be the go to mass sweeper for the foreseable future.

Chromium, The Mutable

One deck that i see coming back into the spotlight Red Green Monsters. Ripjaw Raptor is still one of my favorite green creatures to combat the aggressive Red and Red Black decks in the format. The Rekindling Phoenix in my mind will make a great addition to many creature based decks. This hard to deal with bird can terrorize many of foes in the air. Back on the ground people don’t have to worry about Fatal push and bring out their Steel Leaf Champions and Thrashing Brontodons. A new addition to the bunch is Vine Mare. A 5/3 Hexproof makes dealing with him a spot removal nightmare. Dragons are still here and ready to take control of the skies. Losing Glorybringer hurts but Verix Bladewing and Demanding Dragon are here to pull there weight.

Rekindling Phoenix

Overall there will be a lot of cards rotating out and many new cards to come take there place. The guilds are coming back and the Shock Lands will be pulling double duty with standards Check lands. Fast lands and Cycle land are leaving so hopefully there will be some other land types to help out in the future.

Boros, Selesnya, Izzet, Dimir and Golgari. Which guild will you align with?

Steam Vents
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