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Side effects of Modern

Side Effects of Modern
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With the Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers right around the corner(August 18th), Many people will come out with there A game. With a tournament of this caliber you can expect some of the standard decks in the modern meta such as Jeskai Control, Burn and Tron. Some decks have been seeing some increased popularity as of lately such as Hollow One and KCI(Krark-Clan Ironworks). Lets talk about some sideboard options that you might want to dust off for the Modern PPTQ this weekend.

Graveyard decks have always been a premium in the modern meta with decks like Dredge and Living End but also decks utilizing Snapcaster Mage and Tarmogoyf. There are many options out there that can be employed by many different decks to combat the menace from beyond. Some universal are cards like Nihil Spellbomb and Relic of Progenitus. These cards are able to regulate what remains in the graveyard as well as eliminated in for good. For creatures entering from the graveyard or library, Grafdigger’s Cage is an excellent choice to combat Dredge and Collected Company decks. If you are a Green based deck, the Scavenging Ooze is phenomenal at picking off targets from graveyard while possibly growing in size. Black decks get access to Leyline of the Void and the lucky chance of it being in your opening hand to start in play. The last card i’ll talk about in Rest in peace. No need to worry about the graveyard if nobody has one. It has some drawback for some control decks looking to play Snapcaster Mage and Logic Knot.

Up next is Artifacts and Enchantments. Many decks run a multitude of utility cards like artifacts and Enchantments to gain the upper hand or to slow their opponent down. One of the biggest culprit is Blood Moon. This nasty Enchantment can shut down certain decks and cripple most by turning your non-basic lands into Mountains. Some decks can pack some Naturalize but the versatility of cards like Wear // Tear and Destructive Revelry also have some added benefit with hitting two objects or dealing damage to your opponent. Few decks can get their Artifact and Enchantment through their creatures. Reclamation Sage is the notorious Elf known for being used in with Elves, Chord of Calling, and Collected Company. The Humans deck has access to Vithian Renegades to blast Artifacts and some Green Stompy Decks can use Thrashing Brontodon. If your looking to get of everything in one fel swoop, you might want to turn to Shatterstorm, Fracturing Gust, Vandalblast, and Creeping corrosion. Don’t forget your favorite flashback card in Ancient Grudge.

Control decks been increasing in the meta as of lately but there are some options that will help you take out the menace of Blue. Hand disruption is key way of removing the threats that they have. Thoughtseize is the king of hand disruption. Being able to remove an answer to what you got going on or slow down there game plan to make them have some inefficient play. Many decks have been able to use Collective Brutality to highest of outcomes by pitching Lingering souls, Faithless Looting, and Vengevine. This spell also gives you added protection from Burn small creature decks. If you want to be that guy with the man denial plan you can use cards like Choke and Boil. One of my favorite cards is the creature Fulminator Mage. He is able to pick apart greedy mana bases as well as a creature to get back through reanimation and Kolaghan’s Command. The bane for most control is the Last Troll himself, Thrun (Thrun, the last troll). Keeping him in your corner will help out your chances greatly.

Picking and choosing what to use in your sideboard is always a judgement call. Looking to see what your bad matchups are and being able to adjust with the meta. Do you want to pack in some Damping Spheres to combat Tron and Storm or would you rather have Kitchen Finks for Burn and creatures or Ancient Grudges for KCI and Affinity or Rest in Peace for Dredge-Vine and Grishoalbrand. Whatever you feel like will be you biggest problem or your biggest threat, make sure that you take the proper precautions and plan accordingly. Don’t get caught off guard because you weren’t expecting a certain deck. Be prepared for the worst.

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